Housing and living conditions of ethnic minorities

The data provides an overview of the housing and living conditions of ethnic minorities. The data set consists of 2 tables: - "Comparison of some statistical indicators on the lives of ethnic minorities and the entire population" and - "Number of ethnic minority households by ownership status of households with a proportion of households home, rented house/inn"

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Data Resource Preview - VIE-Comparison of some statistical indicators on the livelihood of ethnic minorities and the entire population

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Dataset topic category Ethnic minorities and indigenous people
  • English
  • Vietnamese
Use limitations This dataset is provided by the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) to the Research Center for Human Rights (HRC) for the purposes of sharing openly. The datasets cannot be used for commercial purposes and request should be directed to HRC
Dataset reference date 2018-12-15
  • Viet Nam
Process Step Datasets were sourced from CEMA through their central database. The data was digitised, cleaned and made available in open formats.
Lineage Both tables were consolidated from CEMA data:- (1)http://files.ubdt.gov.vn/ContentFolder/ubdt/source_files/2016/09/20/16070070_Bieu%2054%20-%20Tinh%20hinh%20su%20dung%20ho%20xi_16-09-20.pdf- (2) http://files.ubdt.gov.vn/ContentFolder/ubdt/source_files/2016/09/20/15522716_Bieu%2013a%20-%20Ty%20le%20ho%20DTTS%20co%20nha%20kien%20co,%20nha%20tam_16-09-20.pdf- (3) http://files.ubdt.gov.vn/ContentFolder/ubdt/source_files/2016/09/20/16070085_Bieu%2053%20-%20Ty%20le%20ho%20DTTS%20su%20dung%20nuoc%20hop%20ve%20sinh_16-09-20.pdf- (4)http://files.ubdt.gov.vn/ContentFolder/ubdt/source_files/2016/09/20/15590113_Bieu%2022%20-%20Ty%20le%20ho%20DTTS%20dung%20cac%20nguon%20de%20thap%20sang_16-09-20.pdf- (5) http://files.ubdt.gov.vn/ContentFolder/ubdt/source_files/2016/09/20/15522759_Bieu%2013b%20-%20So%20ho%20DTTS%20chia%20theo%20tinh%20trang%20so%20huu%20nha_16-09-20.pdf
Responsible party Research Center for Human Rights in Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas (HRC) Address: 358 Buoi Street, Hanoi Email: human.vn55@gmail.com
License Creative Commons Attribution
Copyright Yes
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Keywords Housing,living conditions,ethnic minorities,Nhà ở,điều kiện sống,dân tộc thiểu số
Date uploaded July 21, 2019, 13:37 (UTC)
Date modified November 22, 2019, 10:56 (UTC)