Myanmar Oil and Gas Blocks (2015)


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Myanmar Oil and Gas blocks - Myanmar Oil and Gas Blocks (2015) - OD Mekong Datahub

Additional Information

Field Value
Last updated November 5, 2019
Created November 5, 2019
Format WMS
License Creative Commons Attribution
Name Myanmar Oil and Gas Blocks (2015)
Resource's languages
  • English
  • Burmese
Feature info template for WMS resource <table> <tr> <th>Block Code:</th><td>{{block_numb}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Company(s):</th><td>{{company_1}}, {{company_2}}, {{local_part}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Area:</th><td>{{area_km2}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Year of award:</th><td>{{year_of_aw}}</td></tr> </table>