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Topics: Gemstone mining

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  • Current situation of mining industry in Cambodia

    This report show the current situation of mining industry in Cambodia from General Department of Mineral Resources of Cambodia published n 2013.

  • Myanmar's flawed new gemstone law set to restart gemstone permits in tainted sector

    Archived webpage detailing Global Witness' view on Myanmar's 2019 Gemstone Law.

  • EITI Report for the Period April 2016- March 2017. Oil and Gas, Gems and Jade, Other Minerals and Pearl

    This report summarised information about the reconciliation of tax and non-tax revenue from the extractive industries in Myanmar as part of the implementation of the Myanmar Ext...

  • Jade: Myanmar's "Big State Secret"

    Drawing on over a year of investigations, this report shows for the first time how a multi-billion dollar trade in one of the planet’s most precious gemstones is tightly control...

  • Global Witness 2015. Jade: Myanmar’s Big State Secret.

    Jade: Myanmar’s Big State Secret by Global Witness 2015

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