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Last updated December 2, 2017
Created December 2, 2017
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Name Electoral politics in Cambodia: Historical trajectories, current challenges, and comparative perspectives

With the support of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in Cambodia, this summary manual on electoral politics in Cambodia is organized into various chapters with focus on electoral systems, political consequences of the electoral system and electoral regulations and electoral integrity from comparative perspectives in the region and the world. Professor Croissant perceives the present electoral system as "serviceable non-violent mechanism" but emphasized that the electoral integrity is the area in most need of reforms; in doing so, understanding the political nature of the electoral reforms and political context of the reforms are required. A numerous reforms are recommended including the independence, non-partisanship and professionalism of the National Election Committee (NEC), voter registration, media environment, seat allocation formula and dispute resolution mechanisms.

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