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Myanmar - Solar irradiation and PV power potential maps

Map with solar irradiation and PV power potential in Myanmar. The GIS data (AAIGRID and GEOTIFF) stems from the Global Solar Atlas ( The link also provides a poster size (.tif) and midsize map (.png). The Global Solar Atlas is continuously updated. Provided GIS data layers include long-term yearly average of: (1) PVOUT – Photovoltaic power potential [kWh/kWp] (2) GHI – Global horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2] (3) DIF – Diffuse horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2] (4) GTI – Global irradiation for optimally tilted surface [kWh/m2] (5) OPTA – Optimum tilt to maximize yearly yield [°] (6) DNI – Direct normal irradiation [kWh/m2].

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