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An Analysis of the Parliamentary Democracy System in Myanmar(1948-62)

After regaining independence in 1948, AFPFL, the strongest political force in Myanmar, formed the first parliamentary government with U Nu as the Prime minister. Between 1948 and 1962, Myanmar in effect had one-party dominated rule within a democratic framework. Political process of Myanmar at the time was a sad story of conflicts, internal strives, split and upheavals. The first split was between Clean AFPFL and Stable AFPFL. Although there had been minor differences on ideology among the AFPFL leaders, it was personal dislike, rivalry and envy that broke up the AFPFL. The newspapers of the time were full of charges and counter charges of corruption, maladministration, and unfaithfulness of the politicians. Factionalism, that had originated in the AFPFL and survived through the period of the Clean AFPFL, was carried over into the Pyidaungsu party (Pa Hta Sa). The political tranquility was also seriously disturbed by the Prime Minister U Nu’s program of making Buddhism the state religion in 1960. It led to the political confusions in the country. On the other hand, U Nu pledged for new Rakhine and Mon autonomous states in the campaign for the 1960 elections in order to broaden his political backing. The ethnic minorities especially the Shans also tended to secede from the Union under the mask of federalism. In this way, there arose increased difficulties related to national unity.

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