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  • Law table containing metadata options for law forms

    Dataset containing a series of CSV resources containing re-usable data exposed over the datastore api for the ODI law metadata forms.

  • List of Languages with 2-digit codes (ISO 639-1)

    The dataset contains a list of ISO 639-1 standardized nomenclature classification of languages relevant to the ODM platform.

  • Company registration

    A list of companies that are invested or have interest in investments within the five Lower Mekong Countries that ODM focuses on.

  • Contact numbers for answering questions on obtaining Cambodian national ID card and residence book or family book

    dataset တွင် မည်သည့်ဖော်ပြမှုမှ မပါရှပါ

  • Municipal/district/khan administration contact

    dataset တွင် မည်သည့်ဖော်ပြမှုမှ မပါရှပါ

  • Service charges for electricity hook up and disconnection from electricity of Cambodia (EDC) 2020

    This dataset contains a list of public services of electrical supply provided by Electricité Du Cambodge (EDC), focusing on in Phnom Penh and provinces underneath of Electricité...

  • List of Countries with 2 Digit Codes (ISO 3166-2)

    ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 English country names and code elements. This list states the country names (official short names in English) in alphabetical order as given in ISO 3166-1 and...

  • Contact detail of commune administrative

    This spreadsheet is developed from information gathered from the Community Service Mapping which is produced under the collaboration between HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee and...

  • Public services for transportation

    This dataset contains a list of public services provided by Ministry of Public Works and Transport, focusing on motorcycle and automobile. There are three main categories of...

  • ODM License list

    The CSV file contains a list of all licenses that the ODM site has come across when loading resources into CKAN.

  • Agreements Document Type

    Data used for dropdown options in the Agreements metadata forms. Definitions of each term is provided and also available within the Partner wiki...

  • List of Provinces for ODM target countries (ISO-3166-2)

    Provincial codes for Thailand, Myanmar, Lao, Vietnam and Cambodia, provided by ISO-3166-2 as well as Federal Information Processing Standard (FIDS-10-4) and Geopolitical...

  • ODM Library resources document types

    The table contains a list of ODM document types categorising all documents and resources in the ODM library.

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