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  • Legally and Illegally Logged Out: The Status of Myanmar's Timber Sector and Options for Reform

    Myanmar has been endowed with extensive areas of some of the most valuable timber bearing forests in the world. But in Myanmar’s recent history they have been more of a curse ...

  • National Strategic Plan for Advancement of Women (2013-2022)

    This comprehensive ten year National Strategic Plan targets the key areas that affect women’s lives, and indicates practical ways to address the issues that Myanmar women are ...

  • Final Report: Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Myanmar Hydropower Sector

    The Myanmar hydropower sector, in the early stages of development, has the opportunity to develop sustainably by balancing electricity generation with environmental and social o...

  • Main River Basins in Myanmar

    WMS Resources for layers: Main River Basins in Myanmar

  • Letter from VFV Central Committee on implementation of amended VFV Law

    Letter from the VFV central committee dated 30 October, 2018 notifying implementation of article 22 b of the amended VFV law.

  • Briefing Note on National Land Use Policy: Prepared for discussion

    This dataset has no description

  • Land and Forest Governance in the Naga Village Republic

    This report is based on a research project on the Naga customary land tenure system, conducted by Resource Rights for The Indigenous Peoples (RRtIP) in collaboration with Land C...

  • Guide to the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Lands Managment Law

    This dataset has no description

  • Agro-Ecological Regions of Myanmar

    The zonation is based on three factors, each reflecting physical constraints on agriculture: altitude, slope, rainfall, and nutrient availability. The Ago-Ecological Zones are t...

  • Investment Policy

    The investment policy is intended to support the implementation of 12 Points Economic Policy of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

  • Voices of Land from Southern Myanmar: Kanpauk Oil Palm Estate and Palm Oil Mill Project of Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited

    This working paper at hand explains the situation of an oil palm company in Yebyu Township, Tanintharyi Region, told from the perspective of the palm oil company itself. It does...

  • Strategic Directions for Myanmar Agriculture Sector 2018-2023

    An outline of the proposed Agricultural Development Strategy and Investment Plan, alongside some background on the process behind its drafting, and steps towards reform of the A...

  • Voices of Land from Southern Myanmar: Hein Ze - A Rural Village in Yebyu Township about Land Use Change and Wellbeing

    This working paper at hand describes the context of land use and human wellbeing in the village Hein Ze in Yebyu Township, Tanintharyi Region, told from the perspective of the v...

  • What is OneMap Myanmar: Information Factsheet

    This dataset has no description

  • Myanmar Protest Event Dataset

    The “Myanmar Protest Event Dataset” aims at collecting data from protest events in Myanmar (the former Burma), which allows pursuing various research projects. The dataset conte...

  • Community’s Voices on the Road Link: the two-lane road with one-way benefit

    To broaden our understanding and get updated information on the project’s development, the Mekong Butterfly had visited and discussed with communities along the Road Link projec...

  • EITI Report for the Period April 2013- March 2014. Oil, Gas and Mining Sector

    Myanmar joined EITI upon instructions from its President at the end of 2012. Myanmar submitted its application to become an ‘EITI Candidate’ country to the EITI Board in May 201...

  • Dawei Special Economic Zone

    Dawei Special Economic Zone is an industrial development project in southern Myanmar. It is one of three SEZs in Myanmar that are designed to attract businesses by lowering envi...

  • New bridge to resolve Thilawa's transport nightmare

    Article on the Bago Bago River bridge.

  • The Law of the Protection of Farmer Rights and Enhancement of their Benefits

    This dataset has no description